I’m still reading this book, but so far Dr Kavitha’s work is simply amazing. I had been doing yoga for several years and recently added meditation. I noticed the body improved but I still had my down days. I noticed some days were great, and others were filled with fatigue and aches. I never followed any diets, assuming that they always failed and usually did more damage than good. Plus, I thought I ate healthily: fruits, salads, light lunches etc. I didn’t realize diet and also the body’s rhythms were such an integral part of neurohormonal wellness. I’ve been following their approach for about 7 weeks now. It is not easy and initially is quite drastic on the mind and body. So far I noticed my body shedding excess weight, strong bones and glowing skin. Many of the blemishes on my skin have also healed and the mind feels clearer and more alert. It somehow declutters the mind as well. Overall there is a tremendous sense of well being. This book taps into the ancient wisdom prescribed by our seers, and with Dr. Kavitha’s western medicine background, you get the best of both worlds. This is a lifestyle choice so it is a path for the long haul and not a quick fix diet. This book is a real treasure trove. I feel lucky to have found it.

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