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This program provided the opportunity to integrate the principles of the Heart of Wellness lifestyle through understanding the logic behind it. It supported settling into the lifestyle through shifting my approach from being forceful to more natural and sustainable. The biggest change is the complete resolution of digestive issues. Mentally, focus is dramatically improved, and my ability to pause before I react to a situation has strengthened. In my spiritual practice, there’s no longer anxiety about progress or “getting somewhere” – it’s been replaced with acceptance, curiosity about the journey, and a sense of gratitude for the way things unfold. I loved the systematic approach of introducing changes gradually, integrating the change and then moving on to the next concept. It gave time to build upon what was established before. I want to commend the facilitators for the clarity in their teaching styles. Each class was thoughtfully prepared and delivered, well paced and seamless. I loved the interaction on the forum with other mentors and continue to be blown away by the professionalism and unity within the Ĺšabda Institute team. I am inspired by the clear, concise and direct way each mentor communicates which has become a goal for me in my own life.

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