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Of all the courses I have ever taken, this is the bedrock course that teaches how to live in the world with wisdom. For many decades, I have tried to self-impose different disciplines by sheer will-power and an attitude of ‘I should’. Repeated attempts to do so have been short-lived, always ending in failure – until now. By understanding the importance of circadian cycles of sleep/wake patterns, diet, formal meditation times, as well as decluttering of mind, space, and time, I was able to progress through the program with equanimity, and establish myself in the longevity of practice. Deep gratitude for Kavithaji and Sumitji, for their wisdom and clarity of expression, and for their frequent reminders that what they offer is an invitation to explore and personally discover our inherent true identity. I am grateful for a well-structured course and for experienced and wise senior student mentors. The transformational impact of this program has made me feel like I was reborn. Consciously setting up an intention throughout the Heart of Wellness course helped me to bring conflicting parts of myself into greater wholeness and to come to be of greater service in the world around me.

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