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My life has changed in both obvious and subtle ways, from the outside in, bringing more lightness to my body and mind. I have developed a healthy relationship with food that has regularized my digestion. I have lost several pounds and I feel more energy and less physical fatigue. I have recognized patterns established over a lifetime and learned in practice that it is possible to change them. I have begun to dismantle unhelpful patterns, thoughts, behaviors, habits and beliefs that do not serve my purpose in my journey of self-discovery. In general, I live my days in a calmer and less anxious mood than before I started the program. This work has brought space and order within me. I have improved my ability to focus on what I am doing and completing tasks before moving on to something else. I have experienced acceptance and spiritual growth, which was my intention for this course. Having a set schedule with 6 classes in 3 months stimulated me to keep going. The daily sharing and reading the shares of other participants in the accountability group kept my attention high and allowed me to unveil unconscious mechanisms that I might not have recognized otherwise. I felt supported and not alone. The facilitators offered great support by offering the right questions, encouragement and answers to doubts or needs for clarification, with loving presence. I found the guides, handouts, and prompts to be very helpful. Thank you for the precious generosity of who made available these teachings of such transformative value that concretely impacted my life. Thank you for building a program so effective that it is more than a course, but a real journey.

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