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Heart of Wellness: The Practice is a 12-week guided program into health, lifestyle and blissful living based on the logical and algorithmic approach of Āyurveda and supported by discoveries in modern science. It brings forth complete understanding that well-regulated physiology contributes to neuro-hormonal balance and plays a crucial role in health and personal growth. HOW: The Practice comes from the research and wisdom of Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan and Dr. Sumit Kesarkar.

Integrating modern medicine and the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Vedānta, and Āyurveda, The Heart of Wellness shows you how to break free of the false assumption that disease is something you need to fight. Instead, you’ll explore the mind-body connection to arrive at a body in which digestion and the metabolism is functioning optimally, resulting in improved health, immunity, mood, sleep, and wellbeing; a mind that is clear, sharp, and free of misconceptions; and a heart overflowing with radical generosity and openness. 

In this program, you'll begin by examining the nature of disease: the causative and risk factors, the role of diet, exercise, and meditation, and how Eastern and Western medical practices can work together. A holistic, supported practice is followed, with which you’ll learn how to reduce stress, attend to inner needs with meditation and breathwork, declutter your outer life, increase forgiveness and gratitude, and much more. The purpose of this program is to offer live, guided support for anyone who wishes to turn concept into lived experience. It builds on the principles in The Heart of Wellness and offers tools to facilitate complete immersion into the Bliss Prescription lifestyle. 

Included features

Six live classes with trained facilitators, including two dedicated Q&A calls.

Accountability through regular sharing with other participants and with facilitator-guides.

 Small study groups.

A comprehensive lifestyle guide.

All content from the Heart of Wellness self-study course.

Homework and reflection prompts.

A focus on practical application. 

Exclusive new content from Dr. Chinnaiyan and Dr. Kesarkar.

The Bliss Meditation self-study course.

A discount for the long-term Śabdācāra program.


Upcoming course

The new cohort for the 12-week course will begin on February 20th 2023. 

Informational Call For The February - May 2023 Cohort


Who is it for?

HOW: The Practice is an invaluable resource not only for those looking to understand the power of their body-mind systems and harness it for healing and personal growth, but also for those who have integrated the HOW lifestyle and seek ongoing support for its successful application. 


Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan is a Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in Royal Oak, MI. Her clinical and research work focus on advanced cardiac imaging, heart disease in women, and prevention of heart disease.

She has studied Tantra, Advaita Vedānta, Yoga and Āyurveda with teachers across the globe. Her workshops, courses and writings strive to bring these time-honored traditions to modern living in practical ways.

"The Bliss Rx encompasses your entire being: your body, mind, spirit, senses, perception, how you view the world and yourself, your habits and lifestyle. If you apply these principles and diligently practice as prescribed, your entire being will begin to transform and heal."


HOW: The Practice is facilitated by senior students of Śabda Institute. Both Tatiana and Vanitha have been living the HOW lifestyle for several years, and have coached and facilitated application of the HOW methodology with a variety of individuals and groups.


Tatiana is a long-standing student and practitioner of the Heart of Wellness lifestyle and has been mentoring new aspirants in the Heart of the Wellness: The Practice program. In addition to her avid interest in health and holistic living, Tatiana holds a position as a business professional in Montreal, Canada.


As a long term practitioner of The Heart of Wellness lifestyle, Vanitha has been passionately involved in facilitating and supporting members in the practical application and integration of the principles of the Heart of Wellness program. In addition to her keen interest in holistic living methods she is a professional in the healthcare industry and a certified yoga teacher.


How much does it cost?

The 12-week HOW: The Practice program costs $450. If you have already taken the HOW self-study course, you are eligible for a $150 discount. You can find the link to sign-up for this in the HOW Ruzuku forum, or otherwise can email howthepractice@gmail.com to receive this link.

What is the difference between the existing Heart of Wellness course and Heart of Wellness: The Practice?

The HOW course is a self-study program which one can take at their own pace. HOW: The Practice is a time-bound, facilitated program where one is given the support to understand and practice the recommendations with the guidance of experienced facilitators in a group setting. You will be able to attend 6 live classes with the facilitators, ask questions at any time in the online forum, share your experiences in applying HOW, and receive a 1:1 mentoring session during the program.

Do I need to have read the book before signing up?

It is not necessary to read the book before enrolling in the course. However, the book will be used as study material throughout the course and you are required to purchase the book before signing up.

How many hours a week will this take?

This is an intensive, time-bound program which requires students to study material from both the HOW book and course between live classes as well as share and interact in a private Facebook group. A minimum of one hour on a daily basis is suggested to fully engage and benefit from this program. Beyond the time required for the study and integration of the material, this course is meant to help you change your life. It is important to allocate time to set up a new schedule, commit to meditation for 20 minutes twice a day, and engage in the practice of decluttering. In the end, the time you put in is up to you - and you will reap the rewards accordingly!

Will Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan be teaching?

The program is based on recorded teachings by Dr. Chinnaiyan and Dr. Kesarkar. There will be no live teaching from Drs. Chinnaiyan and Kesarkar during the course. All live classes will be provided by Kavitha’s senior students who have been following the HOW lifestyle for many years themselves, and have been guiding and facilitating other groups and individuals to implement HOW for over two years.

Can I do this if I am currently working with an Āyurvedic practitioner?

Our recommendation is to follow one program at a time in order to understand the effects of the program. It is not advised to mix different approaches, as every Āyurvedic practitioner will have their own perspective. You will benefit fully if you stick to one program and commit to it in its entirety.

If I’m already practicing the HOW lifestyle, how would I benefit from this course?

Working with experienced HOW facilitators will help you refine your understanding and application of the principles taught in the program. Their expertise and experience both having personally applied and lived the HOW for many years, as well as in guiding many others through it, will give you greater insight and clarity on how to practically apply the teachings to transform your life. The many questions and challenges that arise during such life-transforming work will be directly answered. In addition, working with a group of others who are also applying these transformative changes offers the support and strength of a community, helping with both accountability and motivation. 

How will this course help me succeed in applying the Heart of Wellness lifestyle in practical life?

There are several elements that are put in place to help you succeed in establishing yourself in the HOW lifestyle. The gradual pace of the program will help you focus on, and integrate every aspect of it. You will receive guidance from the facilitators who have been on this program for several years and have dealt with similar challenges successfully. Moreover, working together with a group of like-minded people who seek to transform their life will help you stay motivated and accountable. 

Can I take the program with someone?

Taking the program with a friend or relative can be a great way to integrate the teachings. Each person needs to sign up individually to get the full benefit of the program and no material from the program can be shared with others.

I have a chronic health condition. How do I know if I should take this course? 

Please take note there will be no scope for consultations on individual health issues nor disease-specific guidelines. The facilitators of this program are not medical doctors. While on this program, it is important to continue with the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor. This approach is meant to be complementary to your current regimen. The program uses the guiding principles of Āyurveda, to address the root cause of suffering in a secular way. The approach here is the promotion of health and wellness in a holistic way that includes the body, mind, emotions, relationships and other aspects of life.

Will I be able to have an Āyurvedic consultation? 

It will be possible to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Kesarkar. More details on how to make an appointment will be shared in the group after the program begins. 

Is this a certification program?

No. This is a support program aimed at personal health and healing. You will not be certified to teach HOW after this program and nothing is to be shared outside of the group without express permission.

If I cannot join the calls live, will there be recordings available?

Yes. All our calls will be recorded and shared with those in the program. 

What will happen after I finish the program? 

You can stay connected through the HOW Facebook page where you can continue to engage in the community and ask questions. If you would like additional 1:1 support you can work directly with the facilitators of the program. 

What is the refund policy?

Receive a full refund (minus $50 administrative fee) prior to the beginning of the program. There are no refunds once the program begins.

More info?

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at: howthepractice@gmail.com

"Health in the bliss model is defined as a state of perfect balance in which all bodily functions are normal and the mind and senses are filled with bliss."

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